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Major Differences Between Firefox and SeaMonkey Browsers

The table below is a quick summary of some of the major differences between the Firefox and the SeaMonkey browsers. For this evaluation, SeaMonkey was installed using the "browser only" option as to fairly compare browser to browser features only. 

For those people still using the Mozilla browser, just be aware that for all practical purposes, SeaMonkey is identical to Mozilla as far as the browser features are concerned.


Firefox Vs SeaMonkey

Category Issue or Feature Firefox 1.5 SeaMonkey 1.0 (Browser Only)
Bookmarks Identifying Bookmarks Hovering mouse over bookmark results in actual link being displayed in the Status Bar at bottom of screen.

However, if the bookmarks list is long it will extend down and over top of the Status Bar and then you can't read the actual link. Needs work!
Hovering mouse over a bookmark does not show the actual link. You have to use Manage Bookmarks to see what the actual link is. Very inconvenient!
Bookmarks Opening Bookmarks Hovering mouse on a bookmarks folder displays the list of bookmarks with the added option.. "Open in Tabs" which will open all those bookmarks, each in it's own tab. No "Open In Tabs" option.
Menu Bar Print Options Print Option has no Print Preview feature. However, you can still do a print Preview using.. File -> Print Preview. Print option includes option for Print Preview.
Menu Bar Search By default, a Search textbox is on the menu bar. Search textbox may be removed via the toolbar customize option. Typing Text into the address bar results in an option to Search.
Menu Bar Customizing the Menu Bar Right-click Menu Bar allows for customization via drag and drop operations. To customize the Menu Bar, you must use.. Edit -> Preferences -> Navigator and that only allows very limited options.
Popup Options No option for sounds related to pop-ups. Allows you to assign a sound file to be played whenever a popup is blocked.
Options offered & User Interface Tools -> Options - Has an elegant graphical looking user interface with tabbed options. 
However, it seems to have much fewer options than SeaMonkey.
 Novice users would find this advantageous.
Edit -> Preferences - Has a non-graphical user interface. However, it seems to have many more options than Firefox. Advanced users would find this advantageous.
Tools Menu Tools Menu - Manager Items Has no "Manager" options. You must use.. Tools -> Options and locate the desired option. Has options for:
* Cookie Manger 
* Image Manager 
* Popup Manager 
* Form Manager 
* Password Manager 
* Download Manager
Tools Menu The Extensions option Has option for Extensions which results in display of list of extensions installed. No Extensions option. I'm not sure how to view which extensions are installed. Please advise me if you know.

Note: The table above includes just a few of the major differences I noticed after a few days of normal use. If you have noticed any other major differences that you feel are worth noting, I'd be glad to hear from you and would consider adding to this list.

Happy & Safe Computing!


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