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WestHost Web Hosting

High Tech Handyman recommends 1&1 for people who just need some permanent Email addresses and maybe a simple website for personal or business use. Check out the 1&1 Instant Domain package which gets you a new domain (example: johnsmith.com) that's automatically hosted by 1&1 and includes Email forwarding on about 6 email addresses. Last time I checked (Jan 2006), you could get all that and more for less than $10/year. It's an incredible deal!

WestHost Web Hosting

High Tech Handyman highly recommends Westhost if you want more control over your Email, SPAM and Website. Westhost is a top notch full featured web hosting service that I've been using for several years now to host this website. The folks at Westhost are reliable and offer great customer service,  all at very reasonable rates!  

Click the link above and give me a call! 609- 291-1119
I'll talk you through the process of obtaining a domain and selecting a plan that best suits you. Since I'm a Westhost customer, I can tell you all about the different options & features they have to offer. After you are signed up, I can offer you great support too since I'm familiar with Westhost.


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